7mm-08 Remington 120gr Ballistic Tip Solid Copper 20ct box


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Introducing the Vairog 7mm-08 Remington 120 grain Ballistic Tip Solid Copper Ammo – Your Ultimate Companion for Precision and Performance!

When it comes to accuracy, reliability, and devastating terminal performance, the7mm-08 Remington 120 grain ammo shines as the preferred choice for hunters and shooters. Designed to deliver exceptional results across a range of shooting scenarios, this ammunition redefines your expectations.

Key Features:

Precision Craftsmanship: Every Vairog round is a testament to precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each cartridge is flawlessly designed and produced to exacting standards, leaving no room for compromise.

Ballistic Tip Solid Copper Projectile: At the heart of this ammunition is the innovative Ballistic Tip Solid Copper projectile. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and solid copper construction, it offers optimal weight retention, enhanced penetration, and rapid expansion upon impact.

Versatile Performance: The 7mm-08 Remington cartridge is renowned for its versatility, making it an ideal choice for both hunting and target shooting. The 120 grain Ballistic Tip Solid Copper Ammo excels in delivering exceptional accuracy, flat trajectories, and consistent results, whether you’re in the field or on the range.

Superior Expansion and Energy Transfer: The Ballistic Tip design ensures rapid and controlled expansion upon impact, transferring energy efficiently to the target. This results in quick, humane kills when hunting game and precise shot placement for competitive shooters.

Elevate your shooting experience and achieve a new level of precision with Vairog ammunition. Whether you’re an avid hunter or a competitive marksman, this ammunition is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

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