Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 


Customer Affidavit 

By utilizing this website or placing an order with Milford Munitions, you are affirming your agreement with the following statements and terms of sale: 


I am of legal age, not less than twenty-one (21) years old. 

Milford Munitions’ sale or delivery of ammunition and/or firearms accessories to me complies with all state and local laws and ordinances. 

I have not been indicted for, and I have no prior convictions for any crime that carries a sentence of imprisonment exceeding one year. 

I am not a fugitive from justice. 

I am not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance. 

I have not been declared mentally defective, nor have I been committed to a mental institution. 

I am not an illegal or unlawful alien, and I am not a nonimmigrant alien. 

I have never received a dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces. 

I have not renounced my U.S. citizenship. 

I am not under a domestic violence restraining order. 

I have not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. 

I will not engage in unauthorized export of any defense articles. 

Agreement to Indemnify and Defend for Misrepresentation 

Should any of the statements in the “Customer Affidavit” section of these Terms and Conditions prove to be untrue, you agree to release, indemnify, and defend Milford Munitions, LLC, its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting damages, including legal fees, civil liability, or criminal charges. 



At present, Milford Munitions utilizes UPS as its preferred shipping method. Once you specify your shipping address, changes cannot be made post-checkout. Product ownership transfers upon delivery to the provided address, and any risk of theft or damage thereafter is your responsibility. Milford Munitions, LLC is released from liability once products are delivered. 


Shipping to New York 

If you are shipping ammunition to New York, your order must be shipped to a federal firearms licensee (FFL) or a Registered Seller of Ammunition. Product ownership transfers to you only after you pass the state-mandated background check and the Transferor physically transfers the products to you. Failing the background check results in product return to our warehouse, minus original shipping and restocking fees. 


Shipping Destination Restrictions 

We do not ship internationally and refrain from shipping to specific U.S. areas where prohibited by law. Orders for such regions will be canceled, incurring a cancellation fee. 


Order Cancellation 

Orders cannot be canceled or modified once submitted due to our automated system. Additionally, product details or credit card charges cannot be altered post-order submission for security reasons. 


Order Cancellation by MilfordMunitions.com 

The right to cancel orders is reserved, and non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions may lead to order cancellation. In such cases, you will receive a refund, with a cancellation fee of $30.00 or 5% of the total purchase amount, whichever is greater. 


Refusal to Accept Delivery 

By ordering from MilfordMunitions.com, you commit to accepting delivery at the designated address. Failure or refusal to accept delivery results in forfeiture of the full purchase amount, including taxes and shipping fees, along with charges for shipping the order back to our warehouse. 



Returns are accepted solely for damaged or defective products, excluding damage to packaging. Products must be returned within 30 days of your order date. 


To initiate a return, please contact us via email at admin@milfordmunitions.com to receive a Return Request form. Approved returns with proper documentation will be eligible for refunds or store credit. 


Release of Liability and Agreement to Indemnify and Defend 

You acknowledge that Milford Munitions, LLC is a retailer of products produced by other companies. We disclaim liability for any claims, damages, or warranty breaches related to these products. 


By placing an order, you assume responsibility for product usage. You agree to indemnify and defend Milford Munitions, LLC and its associates against any damages arising from product use, storage, or transportation. 



Any lawsuits against Milford Munitions, LLC must be filed in a court located in Milford, Michigan. Filing elsewhere necessitates removal to Oakland County, Michigan, with reimbursement for associated costs. 


Governing Law 

Michigan law governs all aspects of your purchase and use of products from Milford Munitions.com, legal actions involving Milford Munitions, LLC, and any legal actions initiated by you. 


Class Action Waiver 

Dispute resolution between you and Milford Munitions, LLC is limited to individual proceedings, and you waive the right to class or consolidated actions. 


E-mail List 

We retain customer names and email addresses to send follow-up and promotional emails. By registering an account or placing an order, you opt to join our email list, subject to our Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe at any time. 


Recording Customer Phone Calls 

Phone calls with our agents may be recorded and monitored for training purposes, subject to your consent. 


Trademarks and Copyright 

All content on Milford Munitions.com is copyrighted by Milford Munitions, LLC. 


Report Illegal Activity to Law Enforcement 

Report any suspected illegal firearms or ammunition activity to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at 1-800-ATF-GUNS or ATFTips@atf.gov. You may submit tips anonymously and confidentially. 


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